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Flood rank as the most destructive water-related problem that faces mankind. It is also the most occurring natural disaster. It has huge social consequences for communities and individuals. The causes of water damage can also be a result of a mishap–such as a toilet overflowing due to poor flushing habits. Rain is considered a blessing by so many societies and is thus associated with all the good happenings in human life.

The same rain drops are associated with the disaster here in named floods if it comes more than expected or the region’s topography is not one of the best in terms of drainage. Water damage can be caused due to several natural factors as well as man-made activities like heavy rainfall, cyclones, etc.

They occur due to excessive downpours and a lack of a proper drainage system. In such circumstances, it is judicious to call in competent who can provide aid and this assistance will be determined to you by our team of experts at GSB Flood Master. Without a doubt, we offer the best Water and Flood Damage Restoration services in Craigie. We are honored for our character and we are prominent to assist individuals in times of calamities. So, you can approach us if you inhabit Craigie and call upon us with the water and damage restoration.

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What is the process of Restoration carried out by an experienced GSB Flood Master?

We thoroughly restore your property step by step.


Our specialists will take place at your residence and begin assessing the volume of water damage and the intensity of the damage. Our experts will then classify the flood damage from Class I to Class IV. The four classes comprise Minor, Moderate, Major, or Extensive. After analyzing the condition, we submit the cost of repairs to the consumers.

Water Removal

What comes next is to draw out the standing water to stop further damage to the belongings. Our fighters use industry-standard submersible pumps and vacuums for this procedure to avoid any further mold formation.

Dehumidification and Drying

After the procedure of extracting all the wetness from the site, dehumidifying, and drying take action. This operation takes place to completely dry the whole place off the site.

Cleaning and Sanitization

After the whole moisture has been dried off, our professionals begin with cleaning. We give way to abrasive as well as immersive cleaning to ensure dry and wet cleaning simultaneously. Further, we ensure proper sanitizing for the health and safety of the residents.


The last phase is to restore your properties to the exact condition it was in the first. Depending upon the extremity of the damage, restoration can vary from simple repairs to major construction.

Why should you choose us?

GSB Flood Master has been implementing water and flood damage restoration in Craigie for decades. We acknowledge that when you need assistance with the restoration of your belongings, you need to count on experts who are trained in dealing with severe natural calamities. You can bank on us with complete faith to put a smile on your face. Our emergency water and flood damage restoration services in Craigie assure a speedy response to your problems. We also come up with 24/7 customer support for each problem.

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