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Water and flood damage can cause serious problems in your home. When it comes to water damage, the most common contributing factor is burst pipes. Bathroom leaks and overflowing toilets are the next most common reasons for flooding. Another frequently occurring cause is failing sewage systems. And sometimes it happens because of heavy storms and sometimes from rivers or streams. Water and flood damage can be very harmful if they happen in your home.

Heavy rainfalls can cause massive destruction to your house. The best thing that you can do when faced with these problems is to call for professional help immediately. We at GSB Flood Master in Como offer quick and efficient services to the people of Como. Our professionals are fully insured and verified and possess the expertise to carry out the work. Our water and flood damage restoration services are very affordable and effective. We have been serving the residents of Como for a long time and hence our very much experienced in our work. Our professionals work diligently to restore your property.

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What services do we provide for Water and Flood Damage Restoration?

Our experts help you in restoring your property by following all the below-mentioned steps:

Inspection and assessment

We would first visit the damaged area and then make a full assessment of the damage that occurred. After this, we will estimate the repairs and hand them over to you. Next, we will analyse in which category your damaged property fits. The damage is categorised into 4 classes. Class1 denotes minor repairs and class4 denotes massive changes. Based on the severity of the destruction we classify it and move to the next step.


Since your safety is our priority so we take out all the standing moisture from the surfaces. Because this contaminated water, can lead to mould growth and this mould growth can cause many harmful diseases to you. So, it is very essential to take out the moisture first and this is done by utilizing top-notch equipment like submersible pumps and vacuum systems.


After we take out all the moisture our next move is to now dry the whole place using high-quality machines like dehumidifiers and air movers.

Complete cleaning and sanitization

After the surface is properly cleaned, we move onto the next step which involves dry and immersive cleaning. This process is used to ensure that the dry and wet cleaning methods are carried out together. After this, we sanitize the entire place so that all the remaining germs can be killed so the place could become safe for you to live in.


And here we move on to the last step in which we fully reinstate your property giving it a whole new look. This involves some petty or substantial fixes.

Reasons to choose GSB Flood Master?

The following point tells you the reason for choosing GSB Flood Master for water and flood damage restoration:

  • The staff members are certified and trained before working for us. They know what they are doing. We offer full insurance coverage for our work.
  • Before starting the project, we give our customers complete details about the price, so that they can make an informed decision.
  • We don't hide anything from our customers; we follow full transparency. Thus, our customers won't find any hidden charges or surprises from our end.
  • Our professionals use only the best-quality equipment for their work.

Thus, GSB Flood Master is all that you need for all sorts of restoration services. We also offer customisable packages to our customers so that they can choose any of the packages as per their requirements. If the residents of Como need help with water and flood damage restoration services, they can contact us.

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